Record Breaker Ferrari Hydroplane Arno XI up for Grabs

Soon to be sold by RM Auctions at its upcoming Monaco Sale, this outstanding Ferrari Hydroplane is a rare beauty with a spectacular history. It was developed in 1952 by Achille Castoldi, an Italian rich industrialist, in collaboration with Ferrari Grand Prix racers Luigi Villoresi and Alberto Ascari. The following year, this remarkable water monster, called Arno XI, set a new world record of speed on water.

Castoldi piloted the vessel at well over 150.2 mph and broke the 24 nautical miles record in the 800 kg category with an average speed of 102.13 mph. This happened in 1953, and the boat didn’t stop racing until 1960, after it had won the European Championship and numerous other titles. Its first success was ensured by the twin-supercharged  4500cc V12 engine that worked on methanol for higher compression ratios, and which delivered 500 horsepower.

After Castoldi ended his adventure with Arno XI, he sold the boat to a wealthy engineer, named Nando dell’Orto, who continued racing and winning prizes for over a decade. During this time, the vessel received several upgrades and improvements in the aerodynamics department, including the addition of a new fin.

Today the beautiful boat is still in mint condition, having been carefully maintained and restored by its last owner (who had it for the last two decades). The anonymous owner will give up his toy at the RM Auction, and experts believe it will fetch an impressive $1.5 million.

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