Real Madrid to Open a Huge $1 Billion Resort in the UAE.

If you plan to build an archipelago of artificial islands, the United Arab Emirates is probably the best place to carry out your project. The UAE is no stranger to such bold ideas, and people all over the world are already used to associating luxury and opulence to this specific part of the globe. Probably this was exactly what the iconic Spanish soccer team Real Madrid had in mind when it decided to erect a luxury resort on an artificial archipelago in the UAE.

Also described as a theme park, the resort will feature two luxe hotels, gorgeous villas, a hi-tech museum showing the history of the soccer team, a marina, and a huge stadium with seating for 10,000 fans. Designed by J+H Boiffils, the resort will be built in partnership with the UAE government.

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez said that he hopes the 430,000-square-meter park will attract one million fans in its first year alone. The team hopes to have the $1 billion resort opened by 2015. Have a peek at what the project looks like as a computer rendering in the photo gallery below.

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