Queen Elizabeth 2 Cruise Ship to Become a Luxury Hotel in Dubai

A new hotel will welcome luxury seekers in Dubai in a couple of years. It’s not going to be a new and glamorous sky scraper hotel, but a very different one, with a very interesting history. It’s the famous Queen Elizabeth 2 ocean liner, a historic ship that is currently lying in the Emirates Port Rashid without purpose.

The vessel’s owner – Istithmar World investment company – has announced its official intention to renovate the 70,000-ton ship and turn it into a new luxury hotel in an 18-month time frame. The company didn’t explain where the finances will come from for this project, nor did it mention how much the restoration process is estimated to cost. However, Istithmar World stated that the bold project “will not affect financial commitments to the banks”.

The ship features 300 rooms that will be carefully restored, without compromising their original charm. The restructuration program will be conceived in a way that will ensure the conservation of Queen Elizabeth’s unique character, knowing that visitors will want to enjoy the old spirit of the vessel.



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