Pria 70 Leather EditionBaby Car Seat – Safe and Luxurious

No one deserves to be treated like gems more than babies do. You want to always keep them perfectly safe and for that there is virtually no limit to how much you are willing to pay. Except for that of your account, of course. But if money is not an issue for you, then you always need to go with the very best baby safety products in the world.

Maxi-Cosi is already an established brand in the baby car seat and stroller industry. Its safety and quality standards make it one of the most appreciated brands among baby product manufacturers, so if you need a new baby car seat, you know where to look. But what do you do when you want to add a little luxury to your purchase? You search for the Pria 70 Leather Edition car seat that can hold babies and children as well.

Priced at $875, itis perfectly suitable for a 9 pound baby and it adapts to comfortably seat a 70 pound child as well. This means that you can use it for rear facing position and front facing position as well. It’s actually an all-in-one seat that is beyond totally safe and extremely comfortable. It is also ideal for families who want their babies to be pampered with a luxurious lifestyle right from the beginning.

The adjustable seat is manufactured with high quality materials, including extra fine and soft leather. Built-in safety gears, such as airbags that are meant to deflate with pressure, and a rigid internal truss system are all there to absorb any shocks in case of an accident. You can definitely rely on this technologically advanced baby seat. And you know it will look awesome in your plush car as well!