Prada Crocodile Skin Handbag: $40,000!

Limited to just 22 pieces, this new luxury handbag from Prada was clearly designed with a specific demographic in mind: the rich and glamorous. It is made of crocodile skin and has a napa leather interior. The fashion house created two versions of the bag, which they offer in different colors: black, dark blue, tobacco brown and red.

For 40,000 you will also get a detachable clutch and even a metal tag engraved with the bag’s code number, for enhanced exclusivity. The only places where you can find this posh handbag are the Las Vegas, Beverly Hills and Madison Avenue Prada boutiques. If you want one, you must hurry: 22 pieces is all that Prada has to offer.

Prada Crocodile Skin Handbag


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