Practical Fashion Accessories for Women

When it comes to fashion accessories, there are an abundance of products on the market to help you feel more stylish and confident, however, what if some of these items could serve a dual purpose? Welcome to the world of practical fashion. Here are the top accessories that look great but are also practical to have.

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Scrunchies are basically large hair bobbles that come in a range of colors and textures. First made popular in the 80’s, they have seen a resurgence since 2020. The trend now has slightly shifted from the large childlike hair bobble to the bigger, the better, with giant scrunchies creating all the rage right now.  Styling your hair with a scrunchie is an easy way to create an effortless look that is up to date and serves a dual purpose of taming your hair and getting it to stay out of your face while creating almost no damage in comparison to other hair ties.

Face Masks

Face masks are hopefully something that we won’t need to be wearing forever, however, at the moment they are quite a staple accessory for most people worldwide. They are highly practical for stopping the spread of harmful germs, although they can also be incredibly fashionable, depending on which style you choose. You won’t win any fashion awards for choosing a disposable, hospital-style, however, fashion designers such as Anna Sui and Fendi are creating styles that include matching prints, chains, and bows to make their masks an accessory that you won’t want to take off.


Eyeglasses are becoming more of a fashion accessory than practical item, with people choosing to wear glasses that have no prescription lenses at all and just act as a pretty frame to complement their face. Nevertheless, there are plenty of frames in all different colors, shapes, and sizes to encase any type of lens. The Jacques Marie Mage collection, for example, offers a variety of statement styles. The most on-trend styles for spectacles include wire-framed, invisible frames, and geometric designs, so try these to compliment your outfit, whether you need them or not.

Water Bottles

Believe it or not, but water bottles have become a fashion accessory. Wearing your water bottle is a trend that has taken off as a result of people becoming more conscious of single-use plastic, therefore, avoiding the need to buy a bottle of water when out and about. Some water bottles that you can find will keep your liquid cooler or hotter for longer, which comes in very handy in both the winter and summer seasons. However, the main aim is to show off that you actually have one. Some fashion houses have created handbags that come with their very own water bottle holders on the outside, such as Fendi and Alyx, which makes trying out this new trend both fashionable and practical.

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When fashion and practicality carefully combine, we enjoy a win-win situation where we can be both comfortable and stylish at the same time. Try these trending fashion accessories now to keep your style up to date and relevant.

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