Posh Purobeach Toscana Resort in Italy

If the Mediterranean fascinates you, Purobeach Toscana is a place that you definitely need to visit. Called Oasis del Mar, this wonderful resort can be found near the Tuscan Archipelago, in the beautiful Marina di Scarlino, Italy.

The 32-suite resort offers sweeping views of the sea that is within walking distance from it. The atmosphere here is relaxed and posh, both inside and outside the suites. All interiors feature chic furnishings and decors, as well as excellent high-end amenities. Outside, guests can enjoy a good time by the pool, idling on comfy white sunbeds, or sipping a cocktail on the terrace.

If you like exploring, then you can visit Scarlino, a picturesque nearby village which is only three km (1.8 mi) away. Also, Rome and Milan are just a couple of hours away from the resort, so if you feel like doing a little luxury shopping, visiting one of these international fashion capitals is the best idea ever.