Posada de Mike Rapu Lodge at Explora Rapa Nui

Mysterious and remote, the Easter Island is a place where tranquility meets adventure in a most wonderful natural setting. Here, in the middle of the vast Pacific Ocean, wonder is never difficult to find, as nature skillfully hides stories of ancient civilizations and old traditions. In this magical haven, the Posada de Mike Rapu lodge at Explora Rapa Nui awaits its visitors.

This is a LEED-certified construction with an inviting architecture and very nature-friendly character. There are 30 lovely suites to choose from, all with sweeping ocean views and top-notch amenities for every guest’s uncompromised comfort.

The openness of the suites invites guests to explore the superb surroundings, including the huge, fascinating Moai statues, which have been puzzling scientists for decades. After a long day of exploration, you will be happy to return to the resort and enjoy a delicious mean, a relaxing massage, and a little Jacuzzi soaking. Visiting a UNESCO World Heritage Site can be really exhausting!