Porsche Releases a Teaser Sketch of Its New SUV: The Macan

Porsche is adding a new model to its awesome lineup: the car whose initial project name was Cajun (you may remember this name from late 2010, when it was only a rumor), and which is now officially known as the Macan. The automaker has announced that production for this new compact crossover SUV will begin in 2013, and that the car will make its U.S. debut later that year, as a 2014 model.

Until that happens, however, we can have a glimpse at what the new model will look like in this teaser sketch and short video released by Porsche. From this initial drawing we can deduce that the suspension springs will keep the vehicle quite close to the ground, but it’s too early to start guessing more about it.

The Macan will be assembled at the company’s plant in Leipzig, the same place where the Cayenne is produced. The plant is currently being extended and upgraded with an investment of $650 million.

Apparently the new crossover will be powered by a 290-hp normally aspirated 3.0-liter V6, or by a 350-hp twin-turbo version of the same engine. The level of comfort and luxury inside the car is said to exceed that of the Audi Q5, whose platform Porsche used as a starting point for the Macan. Oh, and by the way, Macan is a name that has its roots in an Indonesian word meaning “Tiger”. We do hope that the final version of the car will match its name’s appeal.

Porsche Releases a Teaser Sketch of Its New SUV: The Macan

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