Plush One & Only Palmilla Resort, Mexico

PlushOne & Only Palmilla Resort, Mexico (5)

Built back in the 1950s as an exclusive getaway for elite tourists, One & Only Palmilla is now much different from the original concept. Back then it was a small 15-room resort where Hollywood celebrities, such as DesiArnaz, John Wayne and Clark Gable, would come to unwind and recharge their batteries.

The resort was developed by Abelardo Luis Rodriguez, the son of the then president of Mexico, and a famous playboy and aviator. His project became so successful, that now it is known as one of the best luxury destinations south of the US border. Today it is frequented by a variety of tourists, including in love couples and happy families. The resort ensures an excellent adults-only experience in one of its wings, where children are not allowed, and the ambiance is quieter.

This is an excellent place to idle and relax, or to get active and stay fit. The list of possible activities is quite impressive, and it includes golfing on a 27-hole course by Jack Nicklaus, with amazing views towards the Sea of Cortez. If, however, golfing is not your thing, you can always choose to go on fishing tournaments, or explore the nearby coral reef, which affords excellent visibility to up to 100 feet underwater.