Plastic Surgery Risks: The Dangers of Chasing Perfection

Learn about common plastic surgery risks and dangers one may experience in their quest to look perfect. This roundup may have you second-guessing a procedure.

Are you considering plastic surgery? There are a lot of things to consider before taking the leap into plastic surgery. There are lots of positives to having plastic surgery, especially if your reasons aren’t just cosmetic based. 

However, there can also be significant negatives to having plastic surgery. Take a look at some of the biggest plastic surgery risks before going ahead with your decision.

Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) is a condition where the person fixates on imperfections and constantly strives for the perfect body. It can happen to both men and women and often starts during adolescence. 

Hollywood stars like Michael Jackson, in addition to regular people, have suffered from the disorder. Although it may seem like plastic surgery could be a good remedy for this condition, most people with BDD are notoriously always unhappy with the results or find another part of the body to fixate on.

Surgery Risks

All surgery, no matter how routine, carries some form of risk. From the risk of scarring, infection, and blood clots to lung failure from anesthesia and tissue death, these are just some of the things that can go wrong during surgery.

Other risks include pneumonia, hemorrhage, loss of sensation, and paralysis. Of course, if any of these risks do occur, it can mean that the patient is taken in for secondary surgeries to make corrections. If this happens, you may need to find an accident doctor.

Dissatisfaction With the Results

When it comes to plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons, the results will be subjective. Even if your doctor is happy with the results, you may not be. When you go through plastic surgery, you have to put yourself in someone else’s hands entirely.

If you aren’t satisfied with the results, there’s no turning back. In fact, if you want a different outcome, you may have to pay even more money for additional surgery and there are no guarantees that will work either. 

Botch Job

Are you sure your chosen doctor really knows what he’s doing? The most important thing you can do before even considering plastic surgery is to find a doctor with a glowing reputation. Check and double-check credentials, along with recommendations.

If you choose the first doctor you come across because of a price discount or a quick appointment, you may find out that the doctor isn’t an expert in his field. It could lead to much bigger regrets and problems than you bargained for.

Avoiding Plastic Surgery Risks

If you decide that plastic surgery is something you want to go ahead with, it’s important to do all you can to avoid plastic surgery risks. Speak to people who have had plastic surgery before and do your research into the most respected doctors in your area. 

Here are some tips for finding the best plastic surgeon. Take a look at more of our health and well-being articles while you’re here.

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