Pensmore: The 72,000-Sq.Ft. Castle-Like Mansion in Missouri

Currently under construction, Pensmore is an outstanding single-family residence that will soon be added to the list of largest homes in the word. It is located in the Ozark mountains, Missouri, between Branson and Springfield and will boast 72,000 square feet of living spaces when completed. The floor plan alone features thirteen bedrooms and fourteen bathrooms, plus numerous opulent amenities.

What’s quite surprising about the chateau is the fact that it’s remarkably green for its gargantuan size. Built to withstand floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, insect damage and more, the residence implements cost-effective eco building technologies like near-zero energy consumption, low maintenance requirements and a durability that is measured in decades.

But who is the owner of this huge mansion? There was a lot of speculation on the matter, as Pensmore gradually became a project that captured national attention. Some said that it would be the new home of Angelina and Brad, while others believed that it would be used for military purposes. Made entirely of concrete and steel, the residence has lately been confirmed to belong to concrete company owner Steven Huff.

The 60-years-old chairman of TF Concrete Forming Systems talked about the project, saying that “the mission behind Pensmore is to serve as a living laboratory for ongoing research into energy conservation and disaster resistance”. Obviously, the “living laboratory” will also be used as an opulent home – no doubt about that.

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