Pat Boone Bought a Luxury Apartment on Utopia Liner

Utopia is a residential ocean liner who is scheduled to hit the water in 2013 and then circle the globe. Its itinerary is truly exiting, as the boat is planned to reach many cultural and sports events in different cities around the world. Monte Carlo Grand Prix, Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival, Cannes Film Festival and the Olympics are just some of them.

We bet you already feel like buying yourself a ticket for the cruise. But how about an entire luxury apartment on the liner? The $1.1 billion project includes 200  with 1,400 to 6,600 square foot of living space and a staring price of $3.6 million.

The international sales of these luxury homes have not been launched just yet, but that doesn’t mean everybody is banned from buying them. Singer Pat Boone and his family have already acquired one and are very excited to start their journey around the globe.Pat Boone Bought a Luxury Apartment on Utopia Liner  1

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