Past Meets Present with Gullwing America’s Mercedes 300 SLC

Gullwing America’s Mercedes 300 SLC (9)

Inspired by the past and adapted for the present, the superb Mercedes-Benz 300 SLC is an excellent example of how Gullwing America can make retro styling meet contemporary technology. The project was commissioned by an Easter European client, and the car that stood as inspiration for it was a beautiful 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300 SC.

The supporting structure comes from a 2012 SLS AMG Roadster, and the aluminum bodywork was entirely crafted by hand. This is a one-off creation with LED lights, retro grille, pop-up spoiler, adjustable suspensions, custom exhaust, and a vintage long hood. The wheels are also new, measuring 22 inches at the rear and 21 inches at the front. Check out the photo gallery below.