Papier by Saskia and Stefan Diez

Clothing, bags, water bottles, umbrellas. All things that I would not make out of paper, at least by choice
but this is clearly outdated as Saskia and Stefan Diez would have us believe. The “Papier” series is an
experiment in paper… the designers have taken the necessary requirements of a travel bag – durability,
protection and light-weight – and found a material that can accommodate this better than leather.


Made of the magical synthetic paper Tyvek®, the Papier bag is extremely light yet robust and ideal
for the weekend traveller or even the executive commuter who needs a stylish, yet soft and light case.
Waterproof, tearproof, 100% recyclable, need I say any more to convince you this is a good idea?


If you want to expand your collection, Saskia and Stefan have extended this range to included wallets,
handbags and backpacks so that you can never be without your new lightweight friend.
“Papier” is made in Germany and won the German Designpreis 2010.

Price : 100$-200$ .

Article written by Daniel Nelson  (design writer for and based in the UK).

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