Outstanding New Electric Bikes by Zero Motorcycles

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more appealing by the day. With each new generation of pollution-free cars and motorcycles, power and speed lovers discover new reasons to go eco-friendly and just leave their gas guzzling days behind. One very compelling point in this direction is made by Zero Motorcycles, one of the most appreciated manufacturers of all-electric motorbikes.

For 2013, the manufacturer has come up with some really impressive models: the Zero XU ideal for beginners, the Zero MX for off-road fun, the Zero S two-seater, the very powerful Zero DS, and the 2013 Zero FX. Each model responds to the different needs of dedicated riders, and they all boast some pretty impressive specs.

The  beginners’ Zero XU, for instance, features a 28 HP engine that ensures a 70-miles range and a top speed of approximately 77 mph. Dirt track enthusiasts will love the Zero MX, which is equipped with stiffer shocks, new mud fenders, and knobby tires. It is powered by a 54-hp engine and can run at up to 84 mph.

The most impressive of all, however, is the Zero S, with a top speed of 95 mph, and a range of up to 137 miles in the city. Prices are not as prohibitive as you might expect: they range between $7,995 and $13,995. We’d say they’re worth every penny.

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