Outstanding 30-Acre Private Island for Sale in Bahamas

Here’s your chance to buy a private island in the spectacular Bahamas Archipelago. Here, in the famous Exhuma Cays district, one little island (cay) is ready to change ownership. It is currently on the market at $85 million, a price that reflects its superb amenities and amazing natural beauty.

Tall palm trees, perfect white sand beaches, and crystal clear waters make this slice of paradise completely irresistible. Only 30 minutes away from Nassau, and just one hour from Palm Beach, the island offers both perfect privacy and easy access to civilization, including excellent shopping and entertaining sport.

The 30-acre property has enough accommodation space for 22 people, plus a staff of 29. There are five residences on the island: the Manor House, the Beach Cottage, the Harbourmaster House, and two twin guest cottages. The staff can live in the butler and chef’s house, the bunkhouse, the engineer’s cottage, the pilot’s lounge, or the domestic staff quarters.

For fun and relaxation, the island features a lot of other facilities, such as jogging and bike paths, deep draft docks, working lighthouse, club-style dining and entertainment building with fitness center and lounge, infinity pool, helipad, and even a hand-cut stone chapel.

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