Original Pill-Shaped Jewelry Collection By Damien Hirst

Damien Hirst already proved that he is a talented artist a couple of years back when he released a series of silver cufflinks that feature a pill-inspired design. And since that collection proved to be such a great success, the artist was approached by the prestigious house of Hoorsenbuhs and was asked to create yet another fabulous collection, one that would be represented by a rosary necklace as well as a somewhat eccentric cocktail ring.

Even though pills and religion don’t have many things in common, the artist managed to blend the classic design of a rosary necklace with the modern and controversial motif of the pill. When we say controversial, we’re referring to the duplicity of pills in general, since they are usually used to improve or even save lives, but they can also end one if they taken recklessly. The pill replaces the conventional representation of Jesus on the cross in the necklace, and it is even split in 2. The contents that appear to be “pouring” out of the pill are represented by black and white diamonds and small rubies.

The ring is also adorned with white diamonds, black diamonds and rubies, but its design includes multiple capsules of different shapes and sizes. Limited to just 25 units each, “Pill Rosary” and “Pill Ring” come in 18k rose gold, yellow gold and white gold. The ring costs no less than $28,000; while the necklace would set you back $68,000.

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