Online Solutions for Professional Skincare: Virtual Treatment Plans

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Living in the modern world takes its toll on your skin, with serious air pollution that surrounds us throughout the day and if you have a skin condition, you are now able to get professional help without visiting the skincare clinic, thanks to virtual treatment plans.

How Does the Treatment Work in a Virtual Environment?

If a patient is prescribed a skin cream with tretinoin for melasma treatment by QR8 Mediskin, a leading Australian skincare provider, the prescription product is delivered to the patient via courier and with a video conference at the start of the treatment, the skincare specialist can gather the required information to make an accurate diagnosis. The patient also fills in an online questionnaire and would also be requested to upload some images of their skin and when the prescription cream is delivered, the patient communicates with the expert via video calls for the duration of the treatment.

Skin Conditions Treated

The skin conditions that can be treated in a virtual environment include:

  • Lines & wrinkles
  • Sun damage
  • Melasma
  • Skin hyper-pigmentation
  • All forms of acne
  • Rosacea

Pregnant women often suffer with melasma, which could be caused by a sudden hormone imbalance and by seeking out professional treatment, the dermatologist can look into your background to see whether or not the condition is genetically disposed. If you plan on taking up mountain bike riding in the near future, click here.

Three Step Treatment Plan

When you make an enquiry with a leading skincare provider, the first thing to do is fill in an online questionnaire and upload a few skin images, which helps the dermatologist to make a precise diagnosis. The second step is a video call with the skincare expert, which enables him or her to collect essential data on you and your skin condition. Expect more questions and the medical professional might want to see your skin up close, which can help to better understand the condition. The third step involves the creation of a prescription skin cream that is delivered to the patient’s home address; this product contains medical-grade ingredients such as hydrocortisone, azelaic acid, licorice and hydroquinone and is designed specifically for the patient. There would be further Zoom calls throughout the duration of the treatment that allow the expert to monitor your progress, while also checking that you are sticking to the treatment plan (may or may not include restrictions on exposure to the sun). Click here for government information on treating acne, which is very useful.

If you would like to learn more about virtual skincare treatment, search online for a leading Australian skincare provider that offers this solution and let the professionals put together an effective treatment plan that is designed for you by a dermatologist.

We are all unique in our make-up and for the best results when treating skin conditions, talk to a skincare professional who offers a virtual treatment plan.

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