Mountain Biking for Beginners – Top Safety Tips

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Mountain biking is known as an extreme sport and it is one of the most exciting activities you can do on a bike outdoors. Even though it is lots of fun, there are certain risks that come with it and if you do not take the right precautions you could get injured. Here are some top tips on how to stay safe when mountain biking as a novice rider.

Protect Your Head

Although not all mountain biking is extreme, you will be travelling over all kinds of terrain which makes it easier to lose your balance and fall off the bike. Mountain biking is done in the wilderness and on gravel tracks that can sometimes be unsteady. If you’re a novice rider, you will need to wear a safety helmet just in case you crash or fall off the bike.

When you are buying safety equipment for your head, look for a high-quality, properly fitting mountain bike helmet to protect you in the event of an accident or fall. A helmet is the single most important piece of safety equipment a mountain biker can wear.

Correct Riding Gear

The right type of riding gear is just as important as the bike you use. Beginners have more of a chance of falling – it’s just part of the learning process.

When you shop at shop at for protective gear, make sure you invest in all the essentials, such as elbow pads and knee pads. Both of these areas are the first to hit the ground when you fall off a bike, so they take most of the impact.

In addition to your elbows and knees, you should also purchase other mountain biking items:

  • Gloves – to protect your hands from scrapes and blisters
  • Shoes – riding shoes that offer good grip
  • Protective glasses – they will protect your eyes from glare and loose debris

Assess Your Bike

There is no point in trying to tackle a steep hill climb with a mountain bike that needs to be scrapped or repaired. You could easily hurt yourself or anyone else on the track if your bike is not up to standard. We all know it is important to choose the right riding apparel, the same goes for your mountain bike. If it needs repairs, get it done, if it needs to be replaced, look for a new bike.

Basic First Aid

Having some basic knowledge of first aid can mean the difference between life and death, so make sure you know how to treat a wound or give CPR if needed. Knowing first aid is a useful skill for a novice mountain biker as sometimes you will find yourself in a remote area with nobody around to offer assistance.

Mountain biking is a great activity for kids, adults, and seniors. If you are a beginner, you should carefully consider the points raised above to ensure you are fully prepared for the sport. A lot of mountain biking safety comes down to common sense, so check the weather and only attempt trails designed for your level.