One-Off Diamond-Studded Cinderella Pump: $500,000

This dazzling Cinderella-style creation is for display purposes only and it was carefully manufactured by famous footwear designer Kathryn Wilson together with jeweler Sarah Hutchings. The two ladies share a great passion for what they do and this is clearly apparent in the gorgeous one-off diamond-studded shoe that they have recently created.

Wilson’s elegant pump was adorned with an overwhelming number of real diamonds, hand-set by Sarah Hutchings of Orsini Fine Jewelry. For this painstakingly slow process, she used a special adhesive, jeweler’s tweezers, and a great deal of patience and precision. The result was a superb shoe worth a whopping $500,000.

According to Hutchings herself, this is a dream shoe that “appeals to the princess inside me and, I’m sure, most girls out there”. The unique creation was put on display at the Orsini Fine Jewelry showroom in Auckland, New Zealand.



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