Once You Go Goodyear Welt You’ll Never Go Back

If you’re passionate about high-quality and long-lasting shoes, you really ought to know about Goodyear welted shoes. Since 1869, Goodyear welted shoes have been some of the most durable long-lived shoes you can buy. Additionally, a Goodyear welt assures the comfort of your feet and saves both your money and effort.

A specially fabricated brand:

Goodyear welt is a leather, rubber, or plastic strip stitched around the bottom edge of a shoe, joining the upper and the outsole. Charles Goodyear Jr. invented it, and therefore, it’s named after him. This leather strip sometimes appears unnecessarily complicated, but after knowing the benefits of a Goodyear welt, you will never go back for sure. Some of the top advantages of Goodyear welt are discussed below.

Top benefits of Goodyear welt:

Durability & comfort

The way in which a Goodyear welt shoe is designed provides the shoe durability and a comfortable touch. The stitching of a Goodyear welted shoe uses a double lockstitch to ensure that a rip in the thread won’t unravel the whole seam. Plus, Goodyear welt shoes can be resoled and repaired, giving these shoes a typical life span of ten years or more.

Solidity and support

Goodyear welting provides a shoe the solidity and sturdiness that it needs to hold up to hard outdoor work. At first the shoe may feel a little too hard, but once you break it in, it will conform to the shape of your feet.


If you want to have a Goodyear welted shoe, you don’t have to think about the quality twice. Manufacturers like Thorogood that specialize in Goodyear welt always use a high-quality calf hide while making these shoes. Thorogood’s shoes are made by union labor in the USA.

Weather resistance

Goodyear welted shoes are weather resistant too. Whether your shoe gets wet in the rain or hammered by the scorching heat of the summer sun, it will be unaffected. The durable leather is naturally heat resistant and waterproof, and the welt provides a moisture barrier that prevents water from getting into the shoe. Isn’t this a good reason to get your hands on a Goodyear welted shoe?

Are high-end expensive shoes worth it?

Everyone sings the praise of high-end shoes and recommends that you buy one. They list all these benefits and amazing things about owning a decent pair of shoes. But, just because something is good doesn’t mean you have to buy it or that it is worth your hard-earned money.

A pair of shoes can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars. This is a large sum of money for many people and a significant investment. So, purchasing a pair of high-end shoes just because they’re good is not a good idea. You need to show that you are a smart shopper and make a calculated purchasing decision.s Here are the things that you need to ask yourself before pulling the plug on a high-quality shoe purchase:

Do you like the style?

This might sound trivial and common sense, but you’d be surprised to know the number of people that don’t factor this in when purchasing shoes. They just think that a good quality pair of shoes is a must-have. This is true to some extent, but buying something that you don’t like will only lead to regret down the line. So, make sure that you actually like the color, design, and style before you even think about purchasing. Otherwise, you’ll be just wasting your money.

Do you really need them?

This is another thing that might seem normal, but most impulse buyers don’t think about it. High-end shoes are expensive, and paying a large sum of money for a pair of shoes that sit around in your closet for years is not a smart move. If you work in a corporate environment or at a job that requires formal dressing, then you’ll be wearing your shoes on a regular basis. This makes them a good value for your money and definitely worth it.

Can you actually afford them?

While it is true that a well-maintained pair of shoes can last for decades, and going cheap will end up being more expensive in the long run. But purchasing something outside of your budget is not a good idea either. Make sure you can actually afford to purchase a decent pair of shoes when you buy one. That way, when you do make a purchase, it won’t feel excessive and will actually be worth it.


When it comes to your feet, choosing the best is the wisest thing you can do. Although Goodyear welted shoes are on the expensive side, the benefits are to die for and certainly worth it. You can choose from piles of high-quality shoes in the Thorogood collection of work boots by clicking here