Olympus Pen Art Edition Exclusively at Harrods

Most cameras come with extra lenses, cases or other photography-related accessories, but the new limited edition Olympus Pen Art Edition camera by artist Susie ‘Suzko’ Loweis not most cameras. This baby comes with its very own matching Vespa scooter!

The project is actually the result of a great collaboration between Olympus, Suzko and fashion photographer Jay McLaughlin. Together they released a kit with two PEN E-P5 bodies (a standard one and another one hand-painted by the urban artist), every compatible lens that Olympus currently produces, a matching helmet, and a cool matching scooter.

Exclusively selling the Art Edition is Harrods, the fabled luxury store in London. The involvedparts haven’t announced exactly how many of these exquisite kits will be manufactured, but they did say how much they will sell for: £16,000 (approx. $25,000). The catalogue presenting the kit is available on request in store. If browsing it will convince you to make the purchase, you will also receive a free photography course with Jay McLaughlin himself.