Odd Yet Impressive Sound of Power Bust Speakers

Usually, marble busts are used to highlight the power and authority of some of the world’s most famous leaders, but in our modern days, these busts can also be used for more casual purposes, even though the result might end up being a bit weird. To clarify, a company called Sound of Power has created a unique pair of bust speakers that resemble Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un, and while the resemblances are uncanny, using something that’s usually meant to give off prestige for something as basic as listening to music doesn’t exactly feel right.

Odd Yet Impressive Sound of Power Bust Speakers

Created by Petro Wodkins, the Sound of Power speakers are made out of a marble-like composite material, and they boast full-range drivers inserted into the figures’ heads. The wooden bases act as 20W amplifiers, which means that the sound quality is likely to be quite impressive. Priced at $1,175, these limited edition speakers will probably sell out in no time at all despite their relatively weird design. Would you buy one?

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