nVidia Launches the Outstanding Project Shield Gaming Console

Here is nVidia’s first consumer electronics product, a gaming console that can entertain you with both PC and Android games. Called Project Shield, the device is fitted with a 5-inch display (720p touch-screen) D-pad bumpers, analog sticks, controller buttons, and the in-house Tegra 4 chipset.

With this gadget you can rely on 10 hours of continuous (frenetic) gaming, and also on an impressive 24 hours of HD videos. Yes, the Project Shield is capable of working a 4k TV via HDMI, and as a 4k movie player as well.

Oh, and that’s not all. You can even use it as a smart tablet, being able to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi. Multitasking is also a possibility, so checking your emails and Facebook account can happen at once with playing your favorite songs in the background.

No word on pricing yet, but we are sure this smart device will not come cheap!


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