No Mooring Space for Abramovich’s Eclipse in Antibes

Owning the largest private yacht in the world must be a lot of fun, but when you can’t find a mooring space for your immense vessel in a luxe resort where you own a glorious chateau, frustration is bound to seize you. This is exactly what happened to Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich, who reached Cap d’Antibes in his amazing Eclipse only to find that the last megayacht berth had been occupied by Prince Aziz al Saud’s Kingdom superyacht.

Kingdom is less than half the length of Eclipse, but that was enough for the Antibes International Yacht Club to find themselves forced to inform Abramovich that there was no room for him to moor his luxurious boat. As a consequence, the Russian billionaire left his vessel offshore and took a tender to his imposing property (in which he had invested some $150 million for renovations).No Mooring Space for Abramovich’s Eclipse in Antibes

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