Nine Inch Sky Heel Shoes to Hit the Stores Next Year

‘How can anyone walk in shoes like this?’ you may ask. And our answer would be: ‘No idea!’ But we will definitely find out in no time, as someone is bound to get a pair of Sky Heel shoes as soon as they hit the market.

Lady Gaga and other extreme fashion icons have been showing us just what crazy shapes shoes can take and now it’s time for us to wear them too. The nine-inch heels sandals come in gold and sparkly red color and they will enter the market starting next year. The price is really surprising: less then $100.

Up until now we’ve heard of five-inch, six-inch, seven-inch, and the record braking nine-inch monster heels (that is 22.5 cm, for those of you who prefer the metric system). Something tells us fashion won’t stop at that, and we are really anxious to see what future will bring in the shoe stores.

Nine Inch Sky Heel Shoes to Hit the Stores Next Year

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