Nimrod Santo Exclusive Interview: How To Build a Recognizable Brand

Building a brand is a dream for many entrepreneurs and can be an exciting undertaking. Building a brand from the ground up comes with many steps, hurdles, and challenges, and one of the hallmarks of a successful brand is a brand that is recognizable. 

In fact, according to online entrepreneur and direct-response marketer Nimrod Santo, building a recognizable brand should actually be the goal for entrepreneurs building a brand at all. As a digital entrepreneur, Santo has seen what goes into building a recognizable brand and is sharing some of those insights in this exclusive interview.

Hey Nimrod, thanks for sitting down with us. Why did you get involved in the digital entrepreneurship spaces?

I was always drawn to digital entrepreneurship, because I never wanted to be restricted to a 9-to-5 job. Being an entrepreneur in general is always more challenging and uncertain, in my opinion, but that’s what I wanted, because it can also reap much bigger rewards. 

I always seek newness, adventure, and innovation. That’s also why I love traveling and surfing.

What should people know about building a brand in general?

Building a brand first requires a vision and drive. You have to envision your own success, or else you’re never going to get there. 

If you believe in your vision, your brand, and your product, and can see how it can be a success, you’re much more likely to actually achieve those goals. Next, I think it’s crucial to have good people in your corner, even if you’re building your brand on your own. 

At the very least, you need mentors in your field, or people you look up to, who can help inspire you and direct you. Everyone needs to learn at some point, and if you have people to help you, you’re much more likely to succeed.

What are some mistakes people make when building a brand?

I think too often, people try to deliver what they think the audience wants, instead of being authentic to their voice and vision. I see this most with successful brands. 

Let’s say we have a very successful women’s athletic wear line. You’ll soon see dozens or even hundreds of other similar brands pop up, mirroring their designs and concepts, because those new brands see the draw. 

But really, what would be the most successful at that time is something that is entirely new and authentic to itself. You don’t want to blend in with the crowd, if you want to build a recognizable brand. You want to stand out.

What are some other tips to building a recognizable brand?

While it’s important to highlight your product, you want to create an emotional attachment to your brand. Focus your efforts on creating emotional attachment and fostering emotional investment. 

Tell a story with your brand and its players, don’t just try to sell a pretty shirt. Because of course, you’ll be able to sell the pretty shirt. 

But if you want to be iconic and recognizable, you want people to remember you and be attached to you. And in general, you absolutely want to focus on social media, and fostering community.

What do you mean?

Social media is such the cash cow when it comes to building a recognizable brand, and I don’t see enough people taking advantage of it. You want to invest in your social media, not just for the aesthetic, but for the community building opportunities.

Reach out to potential customers, connect with them, comment on their pictures, and show them love. Because they’ll definitely be more inclined to show you love back.

And customers can tell when they’re being spammed, or when you’re trying to offer a lackluster influencer program to get sales. If you can’t do it all on your own to foster a real community and create a recognizable brand, you can always seek the help of influencers the right way.

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