Nike Unveils the Black History Month Collection 2012

The Black History Month is a celebration that’s surrounded by a lot of controversy. Many critics argue that its original purpose (that of celebrating the important achievements of different people of African decent) was transformed into an opportunity to advertise and sell all sorts of goods that are more or less related to the celebration.

This, however, didn’t stop Nike from creating a brand new collection for this occasion. Called the Black History Month Collection 2012, the line includes some really cool sneakers, jackets, tees, and a number of matching accessories. Serena Williams wore some of these items at the Australian Open a couple of weeks ago, and some other pieces were inspired by different successful athletes.

We’re not exactly sure we like the idea of black sneakers and sporty items celebrating the history of people of African descent, but the collection is already out there, and we have to admit it’s pretty nice too.

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