Nico Van Der Meulen Architects’ House in Mooikloof

Nico Van Der Meulen Architects created some really amazing modern residences like the Eccleston Drive Residence  or the Joc House, both located in Johannesburg. Another jaw-dropping modern mansion they built is this one in Mooikloof. It’s a two-storey residence in Pretoria, South Africa, situated on a large site of approximately 2.5 acres.

The ample site and the short briefing of the owners gave the architects the chance to be very creative, which resulted in a truly spectacular residence. The owners wanted a striking contemporary home and their only imperative requirements were for the project to be “visually extraordinary” and include an indoor swimming pool.

Visitors are captivated by this residence even before they enter it. A beautiful garden welcomes them with indigenous and adapted plants and large sculptures by Anton Smit. Upon entry, a magical monochromatic ambiance is revealed, with red accents for a sense of dynamism. The interiors were created by M Square Lifestyle Design. They were designed to match the stunning architecture of the house.

The double volume dining and living area acts like a starting point for the entire layout of the house. The kitchen is not entirely enclosed, but offers a little more privacy than the other public areas. The living area (which was purposely set on a platform for enhanced garden views) and the indoor pool feature frameless glass doors that can be opened for a seamless communication between the indoor and outdoor areas of the house.

An in-water pool bar ensures a perfect relaxation time regardless of the weather outside. For enhanced views of the garden, the entire ground floor was lifted above the landscape. The first floor is where the children’s bedrooms are situated, together with the main bedroom with its private lounge. You can see more in the photos below.

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