The Amazing Eccleston Drive Residence in Johannesburg

The gorgeous Eccleston Drive Residence in Johannesburg, South Africa is a luxury mansion affording 15,000 square feet of lushly appointed living spaces. It sits on a slope in a residential suburb called Bryanston and it was built around three huge trees: two on the east side of the construction and one on the tennis court area. Its creators were Nico Van Der Meulen Architects.

After passing the property’s gate, you enter a realm of serenity and wellness, where a shimmering koi pond welcomes you right next to mansion’s front door. Behind the door (which is simply a piece of pivoted frameless glass) you can see a striking glass staircase and a cable-suspended bridge in the formal lounge area. As you’ve already guessed, the residence boasts an extensive use of glass. In fact, there is only one “normal” wall in the lounge area, featuring a dramatic 4-meter  (over 13 feet) fireplace, all the other walls being completely transparent.

Eccleston Drive Residence is characterized by spaciousness and openness: when the doors are opened, the breakfast room, the family room, the kitchen and the oversized patio and lanai become one single big area. Beyond that is an impressive 18-meter (59-foot) infinity pool. On the first floor there are three kids’ suites and a pajama lounge with mini kitchenette. Also here is a private lounge and a panic room with desk/dressing table and a kitchenette. All lounges and suites lead to balconies.

Because the house is set on a slope, the architects could create a quite spacious basement, consisting of a home theater with wet bar, a gym with dressing room and spa, a wine cellar/tasting room, a dance studio/discotheque and a music room. This amazing home really has everything!

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