New Stunning Collection of Statement Jewelry by Theo Fennell

For a strong personality, unique jewelry is an imperative. For those ladies and gentlemen who only feel comfortable when out of the ordinary, jewelry designer Theo Fennell has the perfect accessories. His passion for detail on miniature scale is what makes his every piece extraordinary.

The latest TF collection is aptly called Masterworks, and it flaunts playful sculptural details meant to enchant both the wearer and the admirer. Probably the most dramatic of all is the Wardrobe ring, inspired by the fascinating stories of Narnia. Precious metal, enamel, and surprising hidden details make this large piece a statement ring like no other. It’s price reflects its luxe character: $46,750.

Other remarkable pieces for ladies include the Beehive ring in yellow, rose and white gold, which even has a delicate bee sculpture under the hive’s lid, and is priced at $23,450, and the mesmerizing Under the Sea ring, also made of white, yellow and rose gold, priced at $33,260.

Men’s pieces are also remarkable and very original, as it can be seen in the photos below. The Essex Crystal Moon cufflinks and the Matterhorn Ski Goggle cufflinks are both made of white gold and feature tiny works of art in hand painted enamel. They are priced at $15,520 and $13,100, respectively. For yellow gold lovers, Fennel created the Rearview Mirror cufflinks with hand painted enamel showing luxe Ferraris on the road.

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