New Spectacular Oasis Cruise Ship Announced by Royal Caribbean

It’s hart to imagine how Royal Caribbean could come up with a new cruise ship that’s even more lavish that its older ones, but apparently this challenge was not too big for the company! Apparently the world-famous cruising company has big plans for the future, meaning that it intends to add a new majestic cruiser to its already impressive fleet.

The new ship will make it into the Oasis class, which already includes two of the world’s largest cruises. This one will reportedly measure 361 meters (1,184 feet) in length, 72 meters (236 feet) in height, and 66 meters (216 feet) in width, which translates to enough accommodation room for up to 6,300 excited passengers and 2,100 friendly crew members.

Its launch is scheduled for 2016, so until then the workers at the Saint-Nazaire shipyard in France will have to do their best to complete their tasks. This means creating about 20 restaurants, various boutiques, an aquatic park, a nightclub, a theater, and much more. In terms of entertainment and recreation, Royal Caribbean promises a wide variety of options for adults and children alike.

Speaking of kids, the cruise ship will be totally family friendly, ensuring all the amenities parents and children may need. This even includes special chips that the young ones will receive to help their parents keep track of their whereabouts during their entire vacation. The project already sounds great, so we are anxious to learn more as things progress.

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