New Record Price for a 1940 Batman #1 Comic Book

The new record price for a Batman #1 comic book is $850,000! This staggering sum was paid by a group of investors who purchased the item from a private collector. The private transaction between the two parties was arranged by Heritage Auctions of Dallas, Texas.

Both the buyers and the seller remained anonymous, but we do know that the previous owner of the comic book had paid only $315,000 for it when he purchased it just a couple of years ago. This considerably smaller sum was the previous record for a Batman #1.

When Batman first appeared as a character in Detective Comics #27, back in 1939, he had such a huge success, that the following year he got his very own comic book series, and it sold for 10 cents a piece.

Still in near-mint condition, this particular copy is actually the finest known surviving example, and the Certified Guaranty Company ( graded it 9.2, which is pretty impressive, considering that we are talking about a one-to-ten scale. Who would have guessed 72 years ago that a Batman #1 comic book would one day be worth a fortune?

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