New Quantum of the Sea Cruise Ship by Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean has launched a set of very intriguing computer renderings of its next awesome cruise ship, called Quantum of the Sea. Boasting a total of 18 decks, the vessel will provide numerous entrainment facilities and virtually endless ways to have fun and enjoy the good life.

It will be packed with exciting innovations and it promises stunning interiors and exquisite decors. One of the many things to look forward to on this ship is a special kind of elevator with glass walls, which takes guests up 90 meters (295 feet) above the sea for superb views and memorable moments.

Another thing that will make the Quantum of the Sea totally exciting is the huge SeaPlex, a vast multi-functional area where passengers can have a great time in many different ways. Bumper car driving (or bumping!), roller skating on the specially designed rink, or just hanging out with friends are all great activity choices at the SeaPlex.

The more adventurous types will be thrilled about the skydiving opportunity in a controlled room where excitement and adrenaline are a given. And when you feel like relaxing in a beautiful environment, you must visit the Two70° area, where huge floor-to-ceiling windows afford sweeping views everywhere you look. This will be an excellent spot for socializing, meeting, or contemplating.

And if you want the whole package of luxury and world-class amenities, then you need to go for the plush Royal Loft when you choose your accommodation. This suite will be a two-level space with large living and dining area, special entertainment space, and its very own private deck. So, when the ship is launched next year, will you be among the 4,180 people onboard?

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