New Porsche Driver’s Selection Go-Kart

Porsche is helping fans teach their children all about excellent car choices from an early age. The newest addition to the Driver’s Selection line from Porsche Design is a fun Go-Kart for kids with a tubular steel frame, sports seat, composite rims with simulated center locks, and inflatable tires with inner tubes. Weighing only 55 pounds, this is a dream pedal-powered toy car for children.

The manufacturer’s recommended price is $900, which is an excellent start for the little ones who want to learn about high quality and high performance vehicles. It can be used by kids from age 5, with the maximum weight and height being 110 pounds and 5 feet. The vehicle is available online, but also in a number of select authorized dealerships.

Aside from comfort and style, children will also enjoy perfect safety, the Go-Kart being fitted with a double brake system: the classic back-pedal brake and an additional handbrake. Now you and your kid can each enjoy your very own Porsche!

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