The New One-Seater 2018 RZR RS1 by Polaris

There isn’t another company more justified than Polaris to build rugged trail-shredding side-by-side ATVs. Their catalog is pretty impressive but apparently, it wasn’t enough since they presented their new addition of the new one-seater 2018 RZR RS1.

Who doesn’t love hitting the trails in a side-by-side? But apparently, this vehicle becomes kind of wobbly without a passenger beside you. To fix that, the RZR RS1 was built for the single riders, providing a compact center-cockpit design that offers a more immersive experience, improved terrain visibility, and more stability.

The fact that this AWD 4-wheeler is equipped with a 110-horsepower 999cc ProStar 1000 H.O. 4-Stroke DOHC Twin Cylinder engine and utmost terrain capability suspension also helps.

Curious about the price of this tiny titan? It sells starting at $13,999.

How about this beauty? Would you purchase one? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.






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