New Moto Guzzi V1100 Motorbike by Alain Bernard

Created by Alain Bernard of Santiago Chopper, this custom Moto Guzzi V1100 is a head turner indeed. The bike is based on a 1996 V1100 Daytona, but it was stripped of any unnecessary elements, receiving the name “Weight Watcher”. Very lightweight and powered by a 1064 cc engine capable of 102 hp, this motorbike is a real winner.

Modifications include a new carbon fiber fuel tank by Grace FX Hydro Graphics, new stainless steel exhaust pipes, Keihin CR 41mm carburetion, a Kawasaki headlight, discreet LED taillight, Pro-Bolt anodized fittings instead of the original bolts and fasteners, plus a complete rewiring and engine tweaks.

The frame was also changed, the seat was swapped with a Ducati one, ant the lightweight Antigravity battery was placed in a new battery box. The frame refinish was done by Craig Paints Bikes for a final touch of awesomeness.

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