New Most Expensive Business Jets from Bombardier

The Gulfstream is very famous, especially among luxury aficionados. But no empire lasts forever, and this particular one’s menace comes from Bombardier, a Canadian aviation company.

They are planning on introducing the world’s most expensive business jet in two versions. If a Gulfstream G650 for instance costs $58.5 million, a Global 7000 and 8000 (both borrowing elements from the 5000 and the Global Express XRS) will set you back $65 million. In addition to this, the two jets form Bombardier will boast impressive ranges: 7,300 nmi and 7,900 nmi at Mach 0.85 for the 7000, and the 8000 respectively.

Boasting increased fuel efficiency, new wings and a lot of luxury features, the two aircrafts will make perfect acquisitions for wealthy people around the globe. With the largest cabin ever seen in a business jet, the 7000 will be able to fly from New York to Dubai, London to Singapore, or Beijing to Washington without a stop while carrying 10 passengers. The 8000 has a longer range and it will be able to cover long distances like Hong Kong-New York, Sydney-Los Angeles, or Mumbai-New York with 8 people on board.

The jets will only be available starting with 2016, when the 7000 will enter service. The 8000 will need one more year to get ready to fly.

New Most Expensive Business Jets from Bombardier

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