New Mind-Blowing Electric Supercar: Detroit Electric SP-01

Is there still room on the market for yet another supercar manufacturer? Some will say yes, others will say no. But what about a new manufacturer of all-electric supercars that promise to be the fastest and coolest on the market? Oh, yes, there is definitely plenty of room for that!

Detroit Electric has entered this rather new and little explored niche of electric supercars with a lot of enthusiasm. The company’s first model is called SP-01, and it is actually difficult not to fall hopelessly in love with it, especially if you are a dedicated supporter of alternative energy technologies.

The beautiful vehicle is based on the Lotus Elise frame and is faster than all other emissions-free cars we’ve seen so far. Detroit Electric did not enter the niche in a timid way, oh no! The manufacturer is here to break records and set new standards in the industry! With a top speed of 155 mph and a 0-60 mph time of below 3.7 seconds, the SP-01 is a stunner indeed. We won’t be surprised to see racing enthusiasts tweaking it for the track as well!

The super-eco supercar is reportedly capable of providing 180 miles of pollution-free excitement on a single charge. Impressive indeed, but wait till you hear just how long it takes to fully recharge: only 4 hours! We already can’t wait to learn more official data, especially about its availability and pricing.

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