New Luxe Partnership Between Veuve Clicquot and Ferrari

Sharing similar values, Veuve Clicquot and Ferrari have decided to start an exclusive global partnership. The key characteristic that makes the two brands so similar is the fact that they value their roots and are firmly grounded in tradition, and yet they impress with a highly innovative spirit, a remarkable foresight, and an amazing capacity to continually reinvent themselves.

Both brands have established themselves through flawless products and have become undisputed symbols of excellence, very much appreciated by the well-heeled and lovers of the high life. Their shared passion for world-class standards and creativity has brought them together in a unique partnership that will result in extraordinary events and products that we cannot wait to discover!

The two iconic companies are currently working on lavish global events that will celebrate their fresh alliance. Ferrari will soon show the world a new model inspired by this collaboration, and that’s a piece of news that makes us incredibly anxious!

The two prestigious brands will be present at classic car events, while new “lifestyle events” will be launched as well. In the meantime, the newly formed design team is working enthusiastically on new creations – exactly what those will be is something that only time will reveal.

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