New LeicaD-Lux 6 by G-Star Raw

Leica is here with a new high-performance, highly stylish camera called D-Lux 6. It was developed together with G-Star Raw, the Dutch urban clothing company. What you get with this new piece is amazing image quality ensured by the fast lens with 1.7” CMOS image sensor. This permits a zoom range of 24 to 90 mm.

The D-Lux 6 is excellent for all sorts of photographic endeavors, from portraits and photojournalistic pictures to landscapes and wide-angle architectural shots. Of course, you can choose between manual settings and the automatic mode, but our guess is that you will prefer to play with your own settings and get creative with each picture you take. Full HD videos are also part of the deal.

For $1,300 you will get the camera itself as well as a G-Star Raw-designed brown leather case, as well as wrist and shoulder straps. You can get your own special edition D-Lux 6 from authorized Leica dealers across the UK.

New LeicaD-Lux 6 by G-Star Raw (1)

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