New And Improved Rolls Royce Ghost Series II

When they unveiled the brand new Ghost Series II during the Geneva Motor Show, Rolls Royce’s representatives decided to describe the new lavish sedan as a “subtle improvement” over the previous model, and while they were right for the most part, some of the new changes are actually quite noticeable.

For instance, the car’s redesigned headlight is a dead giveaway that this is, in fact, a brand new model, while the body itself is a bit more curvaceous and aerodynamic when compared to the previous Ghost. On the inside, we observe a slight change in the angles of the rear seats so that they may boasts a distinct “lounge” feeling, while the front seats now feature electronically adjustable thigh supports for extra comfort. According to the owners’ preferences and tastes, they would be able to choose from 2 incredible wood options for the A and C pillars, namely Walnut Burr Crossband and Paldao wood. Other details involve a chubbier steering wheel and a series of revised metal motifs on the instrument panels, but the electronic systems also received a fresh touch. One of the most important changes comes in the form of the Satellite Aided Transmission system that was used on the Wraith model exclusively up until now. This system dramatically improves driving experience by anticipating road conditions and adjusting the gears and speed of the car accordingly.

When it comes to power, the Ghost Series II flaunts the same twin-turbocharged V-12 of 6.6 liters that powers the current Ghost. This engine boasts 575 lb-ft of torque as well as 563 horsepower, which means that it can definitely propel the vehicle to respectable speeds.







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