New Drivers and Their First Accident

Your teen will inevitably have their first accident, but you can prepare them to handle the situation to the best of their ability. Below, we will explain what you may discuss with your teen that will make the experience of a first accident go as smoothly as possible. 


Teen Drivers and Tips for if They Are Involved in a Car Accident


The claims process begins at the scene of an accident, so parents must teach their kids what they need to do after they are involved in their first car collision. This includes the following:


Contact the Police.


The first thing your teen must do is check themselves for injuries and ask their passengers if there are any injuries. If so, they must call 9-1-1. Then, they must call the police to report the accident and the injuries. They need to call the police whether anyone is injured or not. An officer may arrive at the scene, or they may be able to go to the station where the police officer will take a report. Your teen will need to get a copy of this report because the insurance company is going to need it. 


Exchange Information with the Other Driver.


Your teen will need the other drivers’ insurance information, the make and model of the other vehicles, and the contact information of the victims and witnesses. They must take pictures of the damage to the vehicles. They will need to write the details of the accident while it is still fresh in their minds. They must observe the scene, the road conditions, and how they believe the accident occurred. The insurance adjuster will need these notes, so your teen must be very meticulous when writing these down. 


Make Sure That Your Vehicle Cannot Sustain Any More Damage.


If the car can still be driven, move it to the side of the road. If not, set up flares. 


Call Your Insurance Agent as Soon as You Get the Chance.


It doesn’t matter who was at fault. Your teen must call the insurance agent after a car collision. It also does not matter if it appears that there aren’t any serious damages or injuries. Your insurance agent must know your teen was involved in a car crash because the other drivers’ insurance companies may contact them. When you call, your insurance agent can explain your coverage and your deductible. They may also have questions for you, and they will tell you how you can file a claim. 


How to Ensure That Your Teen Is Always Safe


To ensure that your teen is safe while driving on the roads, the car you purchase for them must be well-built enough to protect them during a car collision. If you are giving your child a hand-me-down, it must not be one that does not have side airbags or electronic stability control. A newer vehicle may be your best bet because newer vehicles have been through the most rigorous safety tests. Vehicles built in 2013 and beyond have the safety features your teen needs, including stability control, traction control, and anti-lock brakes.  


Best Cars for New Drivers/First-Time Drivers

Several new vehicles under $30,000 have the safety features you need and would be excellent for teen and first-time drivers. These include the 2024 Toyota Prius, 2024 Honda Civic, 2024 Toyota Corolla, and 2024 Nissan Sentra. These are just of the safest vehicles that are on the market, once your teen understands what to do if involved in an accident while on the road, you will have peace of mind to rest a bit easier.