New Breathtaking Four Season Hotel in Guangzhou, China

We love it when architecture renders us speechless! Our last moment of silence and awe happened when we looked at the gallery bellow and read about this amazing new hotel called Four Seasons, Guangzhou. It is situated at the top of the Guangzhou International Finance Center in China, occupying the last 33 floors (out of 103) of the building. We are talking about a 440-meter (1,443-foot) tall sky scraper, so you can imagine just how spectacular the views are from up there.

However, this is not what impressed us beyond speech. It was the full height atrium that made us blink repeatedly in disbelief. Oh, yes, the lavish hotel is actually built around a 33-floor atrium, which is taller even than the famous St. Paul Cathedral in London, or the majestic Statue of Liberty in New York! Around this vast space there are 344 luxe rooms and suites, all spacious, elegant and tastefully appointed.

Their interiors were created by Hirsch Bedner Associates together with Wilkinson Eyre’s design team. Oh, we forgot to mention that the bold project was conceived by Wilkinson Eyre Architects and the experienced engineers at Arup. Dedicated express elevators take all hotel guests to the building’s 70th floor in no time, where a superb lobby and amazing atrium awaits them. Natural light floods the space from 120 meters (393 feet) above.

This hollow space affords amazing views even inside the building, which works as a visual appetizer for guests. The real magic happens when they look outside their rooms’ huge windows. Other wonderful things to enjoy at Four Seasons, Guangzhou include a luxe bar at the 99th floor , a fine restaurant at the 100th floor, a fitness center, a fully endowed spa, an infinity pool, an Italian café, and various other dining, socializing and entertaining spaces. Huge formal ballrooms and top-notch conference facilities are also there for guests to book all year round.