New AE2w Bluetooth Headphones from Bose

A new goodie from Bose is here. The US-based audio equipment company has recently introduced their first wireless Bluetooth headphones, called AE2w. It is a sort of a hybrid between the A2DP-enabled Bluetooth dongle and the AE2 over-ear pieces, only the Bluetooth device is removable.

The detachable protrusion features volume controls, a multi-function button, and it can be charged via a micro-USB port. The headphones boast 200 hours of standby, and about 7 hours of use. A 3.5 mm cable is also included in the package, which makes the gadget ideal even for long travel. Priced at $250, the AE2w can be purchased from Bose in the US, while European fans of the brand will be able to get it via, an Italian website that will sell the headphones for 250 starting May 14.

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