Navigating the Digital Tsunami:  The Emergent Domain of Mobile DevOps Engineering

The Mobile DevOps Engineering landscape is experiencing a seismic shift, as validated by the ‘DevOps Engineer’ standing as the most sought-after job title in 2021.  As this domain intensifies, the previously $7 billion market of 2021 is predicted to flourish, potentially reaching $51 billion by 2030.

Recent data in 2022 underscores a burgeoning market.  A surge of 11% in app downloads and an amplified mobile ad spend of 14% substantiates this claim.  As industry demands soar, recruiters increasingly covet DevOps skills (35.55%) and mobile development abilities (23.37%).  DevOps engineer roles are anticipated to grow 21% by 2028, suggesting a promising landscape.

The Mobile DevOps Engineering role is garnering unprecedented attention.  To meet growing consumer expectations, companies are investing in shortened build, test, and release times.  With mobile turning into a primary revenue source, businesses face mounting pressures for rapid deployment and flawless releases.  New stressors have elevated the necessity for this role.

As companies transition towards mobile-centric models, they also grapple with cybersecurity threats, with around 81% of mobile apps vulnerable to attacks.  This threat landscape is driving growth in the DevSecOps market, projected to reach $23.16 billion by 2029.  Concurrently, the dependency on DevOps tools, especially CI/CD, is growing.

Bitrise, a renowned DevOps tool employed by over half of mobile unicorn startups, significantly enhances speed, quality, ROI, and skill for mobile DevOps engineers.  According to Barnabas Birmacher, CEO and Co-Founder of Bitrise, placing Mobile DevOps first could potentially augment job opportunities, surge demand, and elevate deliverable quality.  Indeed, the future of Mobile DevOps Engineering is on an upward trajectory.

The Future of Mobile DevOps Engineering
Source: bitrise

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