N-Largo Package for Ferrari F12 Berlinetta from Novitec Rosso

Created especially for the beautiful Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, this awesome upgrade package comes from Novitec Rosso. It includes more impressive performance enhancements than the previous package, plus a lots of very appealing exterior improvements.

We don’t yet know the details of how the new muscle figures were obtained, but we do know that with the new N-Largo kit, your beloved F12 Berlinetta will put out 740 HP and 690 (about 509 lb-ft) Nm of torque. This muscle is sent to new 22-inch forged wheels in black with red rims.

In terms of design and aerodynamics, the package includes modified rear bumper with carbon diffuser, carbon rear wing, and a menacing front fascia with huge vents, aggressive spoiler, vented hood, and carbon apron.

Finally, Novitec Rosso also included an altered sports exhaust system and blackened taillights for a darker and more aggressive look.