My Dad, My Hero: Gift Ideas for Fathers

Whether it’s your first foray out of the comfort of a gift borne from a sibling-funded pool, or you’re a seasoned veteran of the present-giving game, finding the perfect gift for the man who’s been there for you from your darkest days to your brightest hours can be a daunting challenge. With Father’s Day tip-toeing its way in from just around the corner, pinpointing the right gift for your dad should entail something greater than a last-minute stop at a department store, or a gift card to a fancy restaurant he’d never know existed if it weren’t for your attempt at being heartfelt. 

So forget about that silver tie clip you think would go oh so well with the striped tie you got him two birthdays ago, or the similarly-colored pair of dress socks that mom got him for Christmas, because we’ve got you covered in our list of great gift ideas for your old man.

Bluetooth Earphones with Wireless Charging Case

Bluetooth earphones are an ideal gift for a tech-savvy father, or even one who may have just graduated to his first smartphone. Help your father immerse himself in his favorite tunes to make going about his daily activities evermore enjoyable. Look out for earphones that are waterproof, so if your father accidentally jumps in the shower with them on, by the time he realizes it, they’ll still be completely operational.

A Box of Cigars

For the ultimate in gentleman’s leisure, a box of fine cigars is a classy gift for every classy father out there. Whether your father is a Cuban connoisseur or enjoys a Romeo y Julieta with a cognac, Churchill style, cigars are the ultimate gift. There are a huge range of options online and the experts at told us that the most important qualities in a cigar are its body and its strength. The body of a cigar is the thickness and richness of the smoke while the strength is how much of a punch it packs. If you are looking to pair your father’s cigars with a quality tipple, you can’t go far wrong with an aged single malt. 

Massage Sandals

If your father spends a large portion of his days on his feet, then this is the gift for him. Massage sandals are equipped with hundreds of rubber points to help massage nerve endings, so whether he’s out in the backyard watering plants, or nervously standing up during his team’s final possession, he’ll still be able to enjoy a mini shiatsu treatment. 

White Noise Sound Machine

The days of your father having to be fast asleep before you can sneak out of the house may be long gone, but if not for those personal gains, help him get to sleep quicker and stay asleep longer with this sound machine. It may not make up for all the sleepless nights spent trying to ensure you slept well as an infant, but at least you’ll know his best nights of sleep are ahead of him yet.

Laser Tape Measure with LCD Digital Display

Many fathers prefer a little DIY project over to pick something right off the shelf. With a laser-enhanced tape measure, your father can get his home improvement projects done quicker and bask in his accomplishments sooner. It also comes equipped with a 16-foot traditional tape measure, you know, in case he wants to keep it old school.

Mini Keg and Portable Beer Dispenser

Bring the taste of a freshly pulled draft to your father with a portable beer dispenser. Whether it’s at home after a long day of work, or on a camping trip, your old man can enjoy a cold one straight from the tap anytime, anywhere. Extra brownie points for accompanying this with his beer of choice. 

Propane Smoker with Thermostat Control

For the meat connoisseur fathers, a propane smoker should allow your father to continue bragging about how nobody else’s briskets or ribs are better than his. Look out for a smoker with a built in thermostat control so he can simply set the temperature of his choosing and walk away, allowing him to be your family’s grill master for many years to come.

Though it shouldn’t have to come down to a day devoted just to him in order for you to show your appreciation, and despite his pleas of not needing nor wanting anything, you know that at the very least, dear old dad deserves some kind of recognition for all of those countless trips to and from your best friend’s house, or for those social-life-ruining braces you said you never wanted back in high school.

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