MSC Preziosa – The Largest Cruise Ship in Europe by STX France

Commissioned in 2010 by GNMTC, a shipping company from Libya, the Preziosa is one of the ten largest cruise ships in the word and the largest one in Europe. Because Libya couldn’t make payments to shipbuilder STX France after the MoamerKadhafi crisis and the huge political changes that followed, the vessel was sold to MSC Cruises of Italy.

Now the lavish Preziosa cruise ship is ready to welcome guests from all over the world and entertain them during long and exciting cruises. There is enough space onboard for 4,300 passengers, plus 1,400 crew members, which means that every cruise is like a small town of people floating on vast waters and having lots of fun every day.

The ship is 333 meters (1,092 feet) long and is stacked with all kinds of plush amenities. From accommodation facilities to entertainment and socialization areas everything is glamorous and flawless. Comfort is conveniently mixed with luxury, thus ensuring memorable experiences for everybody onboard. Passengers will enjoy black marble finishes and huge mirrors in their staterooms, purple velvet and other luxe fabrics, 4 large swimming pools, huge entertainment areas, fine dining opportunities, and much more.

On March 24 the vessel will have its christening ceremony and then it will set off to her life of glam voyages. With a maximum speed of 23 knots and excellent safety systems, the Preziosa is already on her pre-inaugural cruise that began in Saint Nazair, France and will end in Genoa, Italy.